Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement cosmetic procedure that involves the incorporation of pigment into the skin via fine needles. Microblading will create a hair-like appearance that looks like natural eyebrows.

Benefits of microblading

  • Well defined eyebrows
  • Covers up the hair-less areas
  • Enhances the overall appearance
  • Reduces the need for eyebrow makeup
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Micropigmentation is alternatively known as eyebrow tattooing or permanent eyebrow makeup. This aesthetic cosmetic procedure utilizes the tattooing strategy to incorporate the pigment into the skin. This technique will help reshape, enhance, or recreate the eyebrows.

Benefits of Micropigmentation

  • Long-lasting results
  • Enhances the eyebrow shape and definition
  • Convenient treatment
  • No downtime

Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that assists in reshaping eyebrows using a chemical solution. This treatment enables untangling and grooming cranky or light eyebrows. This creates a well-defined and shiny look for eyebrows.

Benefits of eyebrow lamination

  • Well-groomed
  • Straightened eyebrows
  • Increases the eyebrow hair balance
  • Brings youthful appearance
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Eyelash Tinting Extension Lifting

Eyelash tinting is an aesthetic procedure that involves the semi-permanent dying of eyelashes. This provides a darker and more well-defined look for eyebrows. Eyelash extensions are synthetic or artificial lashes that will be attached to natural lashes to increase the length and volume of an individual's eyelashes. Eyelash lifting which is commonly known as the lash lifting procedure involves the lifting of natural eyelashes to give an open appearance.

Benefits of Eyelash Tinting Extension Lifting

  • Enhanced eyelash definition
  • Longer and shinier eyelashes
  • Youthful eye appearance
  • Reduces eyelash makeup dependency